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Lighting Components for Aerospace and Defense 

Subminiature Lamps NVG/NVIS Lighting Light Emitting Diodes Test and Measurement CNC

3 mm Thru-Hole
Based LEDs
Application Notes


Reliable and energy efficient solid state Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have evolved to the point where they are now an attractive choice for many applications that were once the domain of incandescent lamps.  These include indication, backlighting pushbuttons, panel overlays, liquid crystal displays (LCDís), and most recently, general illumination.  

Since there are no moving parts, LEDs are very reliable under shock and vibration conditions.  And unlike incandescent lamps, there is no surge current when energized. They donít have a filament that will burn out, and they donít get especially hot. They are also energy efficient and have a very long operating life.  The current range they generally operate in is between 1 mA and 30 mA. One hundred thousand hours of operating life or more (sometimes much more) is not unusual for an LED. 

3 mm LEDs with

 Built-In Resistor

Based LEDs Application Notes


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